Strata title: towards a research agenda for informed planning practice

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Dredge, D & Coiacetto, E 2011, 'Strata title: towards a research agenda for informed planning practice', Planning Practice and Research, vol. 26, no. 4, pp. 417-433.

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The form of property ownership known as strata title in Australia, and as condominiums in the USA, has flourished in many countries for half a century. In Australia, strata title developments—especially large-scale, higher-density, mixed-use inner-city developments—are thought to be an important approach contributing to the future efficiency and sustainability of metropolitan areas. Yet research into the planning implications of strata title is piecemeal, leading to a situation where future potential issues and problems are being ignored within current metropolitan planning. Informed by a critical evaluation of the Australian situation, we present a research agenda for generating explanatory, normative and procedural knowledge on strata title for planning.

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