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Post print of: Mahmood, MN, Dhakal, SP, Wiewiora, A, Brown, K & Keast, RL 2012, 'Conceptual and thematic analysis of policies and guidelines on engineering asset management of different states in Australia', in W Soontiens (ed.), Managing for volatility and instability: 26th Annual Australian & New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM) Conference, Perth, WA, 5-7 December, Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management. ISBN: 978098741580

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The role of government in developing policies and guidelines for asset management is becoming increasingly important especially in view of ageing infrastructure and increasing financial risks for building infrastructure. This paper reviews policies and guidelines developed by Australian state authorities against industry developed principles. It utilizes the software program Leximancer to; a)produce conceptual visualisations of the key themes and concepts embedded within state-wide policies and guidelines, and b) systematically compare the differing asset management foci between states. The analyses reveal mixed results in terms of policy priorities and guidelines for managing assets at a strategic level across states. This paper outlines a rigorous analytical methodology to inform specific policy changes.

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