Papers from 2013

Freshwater systems and tourism, Kay Dimmock, Jessica Taplin, and John M. Jenkins

2013 The Routledge handbook of tourism and the environment 155-169.


Assessing the impact of a remote area casino: a mixed-method approach using cognitive mapping and GIS, Bruce Doran and Martin Young

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Community case study research: researcher operacy embeddedness and making research matter, Dianne Dredge, Rob Hales, and Tazim Jamal

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Academic agency and leadership in tourism higher education, Dianne Dredge and Christian Schott

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The mobilities of hospitality work: an exploration of issues and debates, Tara Duncan, David G. Scott, and Tom Baum

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Turvallisuus aiheena matkailualojen opetussuunnitelmissa Suomessa ja Australiassa, Johan Richard Edelheim and J Pyhäjärvi

2013 Matkailututkimus 9:1 39-44.

Exploring internet gambling: policy, prevention and treatment, Sally M. Gainsbury and Alex Blaszczynski



What do we currently know about the impact of social media gambling games upon current and future gambling among young people?, Sally M. Gainsbury and Jeffrey L. Derevensky

2013 15th International Conference on Gambling & Risk Taking.

Interactive Gambling in Australia, Sally M. Gainsbury, Nerilee Hing, Alex Russell, Alex Blaszczynski, R Wood, and D Lubman

2013 Victorian Responsible Gambling Awareness Week launch.


The impact of partial liberalization of internet gambling: a comparison of internet and non-internet gamblers, Sally M. Gainsbury, Nerilee Hing, Alex Russell, Alex Blaszczynski, Robert Wood, and Dan Lubman

2013 15th International Conference on Gambling & Risk Taking.


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Stigma and problem gambling: current knowledge and future research directions, Nerilee Hing, Louise Holdsworth, Margaret Tiyce, and Helen Breen

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One size doesn't fit all: experiences of family members of Indigenous gamblers, Louise Holdsworth, Helen Breen, Nerilee Hing, and Ashley Gordon

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Critical omissions and new directions for sustainable tourism: a situated macro–micro approach, Tazmin Jamal, Blanca A. Camargo, and Erica Wilson

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Bringing leisure in: the benefits and importance of leisure to non-resident fatherhood and parent-child contact, John M. Jenkins

2013 Positive leisure science: from subjecctive experience to social contexts 175-191.

Constraint negotiation in serious leisure: a study of amateur triathletes, Millicent Kennelly, Brent D. Moyle, and Matthew James Lamont

2013 Journal of Leisure Research 45:4.


Visitors' attitudes towards responsible fossil collecting behaviour: a structural attitude-based segmentation approach, Aise KyoungJin Kim and Betty Weiler

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The spatial effects of domestic aviation deregulation: a comparative study of Australian and Brazilian seat capacity 1986–2010, Tay TR Koo and Gui Lohmann

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Service encounters and face loss: issues of failures fairness and context, Yun-Lok Lee, Beverley Sparks, and Ken Butcher

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Towards a process model of induction and training for young event volunteers, Jacqueline Leigh, Matthew James Lamont, and Grant Cairncross

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The airline business model spectrum, Gui Lohmann and Tay TR Koo

2013 Journal of Air Transport Management 31 7-9.

Asylum seekers as political spectacle, Jake Lynch, Annabel McGoldrick, and Alex Russell

2013 Media and terrorism: global perspectives.

Should disaster management strategies in Bangladesh be just about constructing new shelters?, Muhammad Nateque Mahmood, Subas P. Dhakal, and Md Kamruzzaman

2013 Proceedings of the 19th CIB World Building Congress, Brisbane 2013: Construction and society.


The spatial extents of casino catchments in Australia, F Markham, B Doran, and Martin Young

2013 Growth and Change 45:1 60-78.


Size really does matter: big pokie venues are the most dangerous, Francis Markham, Bruce Doran, and Martin Young

2013 The Conversation: academic rigour, journalistic flair.


Packer's Barangaroo Casino and the inevitability of pokies, Francis Markham and Martin Young

2013 The Conversation: academic rigour, journalistic flair.


What are the odds new casinos lead to social harm?, Francis Markham and Martin Young

2013 The Conversation: Academic rigour, journalistic flair.


Detection of problem gambler subgroups using recursive partitioning, Francis Markham, Martin Young, and Bruce Doran

2013 International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction 11:3 281-291.

Events and sexualities, Kevin Markwell and G Waitt

2013 Research themes for events 57-67.


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Developing and testing a suite of institutional indices to underpin the measurement and management of tourism destination transformation, Char-Lee McLennan, Brent D. Moyle, Lisa M. Ruhanen, and Brent W. Ritchie

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Impact of sport specific and generic visual stimulus on a reactive agility test while carrying a rugby ball, Rudi A. Meir, Ryan Holding, Jamie Hetherington, and Margaret I. Rolfe

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Embedded gambling promotion in Australian football broadcasts: an exploratory study, Lisa Milner, Nerilee Hing, Peter Vitartas, and Matthew James Lamont

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A critical turn in hospitality and tourism research, Richard Mitchell and David Scott

2013 The handbook of food research.


African and western tourists: object authenticity quest, Muchazondida Mkono

2013 Annals of Tourism Research 41 195-214.


Augmenting foodservice experiences through cultural eatertainment at tourist destinations, Muchazondida Mkono

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Existential authenticity in cultural restaurant experiences in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe: a netnographic analysis, Muchazondida Mkono

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Hot and cool authentication: a netnographic illustration, Muchazondida Mkono

2013 Annals of Tourism Research 41 215-218.

Netnography in qualitative tourism research, Muchazondida Mkono

2013 CAUTHE Conference 2013 – Tourism and Global Change 501-511.


Using net-based ethnography (netnography) to understand the staging and marketing of “authentic African” dining experiences to tourists at Victoria Falls, Muchazondida Mkono

2013 Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research 37:2 184-198.


Applying Quan and Wang's structural model of the tourist experience: a Zimbabwean netnography of food tourism, Muchazondida Mkono, Kevin Markwell, and Erica Wilson

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Our national parks need visitors to survive, Susan Moore, Betty Weiler, Brent D. Moyle, and Paul FJ Eagles

2013 The Conversation: Academic Ideas and Research.


Managing outdoor recreation: case studies in the national parks, Brent D. Moyle

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Visitor's perceptions of tourism impacts: Bruny and Magnetic Islands, Australia, Brent D. Moyle, Betty Weiler, and Glen Croy

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The disciplinary influence of economics and geography in tourism doctoral research, Brent D. Moyle, Betty Weiler, and C McLennan

2013 Tourism research: an interdisciplinary perspective 79-94.

Scuba diving tourism, Ghazali Musa and Kay Dimmock



Alternative tourism geographies: leveraging the ironic case of Pennsylvania's Route 666 for economic development, David J. Nemeth and Deborah Che

2013 Applied Geography 45 109-118.


A narrative analysis of help-seeking behaviour and critical change points for recovering problem gamblers: the power of storytelling, Elaine Nuske and Nerilee Hing

2013 Australian Social Work 66:1 39-55.


Project management office a knowledge broker in project-based organisations, Sofia Pemsel and Anna Wiewiora

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Gambling revenues as a public administration issue: electronic gaming machines in Victoria, David Pickernell, Robyn L. Keast, Kerry Brown, Nina Yousefpour, and Chris Miller

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Relationships between place attachment place satisfaction and pro-environmental behaviour in an Australian national park, Haywantee Ramkissoon, Liam DG Smith, and Betty Weiler

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Testing the dimensionality of place attachment and its relationships with place satisfaction and pro-environmental behaviours: a structural equation modelling approach, Haywantee Ramkissoon, Liam DG Smith, and Betty Weiler

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Pronounced particularity: a comparison of governance structures on Lord Howe Island and Fernando de Noronha, Arianne Carvalhedo Reis and Philip Hayward

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Rio 2016 and the sport participation legacies, Arianne Carvalhedo Reis, Fabiana Rodrigues de Sousa-Mast, and Luilma A. Gurgel

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Public policies and sports in marginalised communities: the case of Cidade de Deus, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Arianne Carvalhedo Reis, Fabiana R. Sousa-Mast, and Marcelo Carvalho

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The impact of jackpots on EGM gambling behavior: a review, Matthew J. Rockloff and Nerilee Hing

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Personal transformation through long-distance walking, Rob E. Saunders, Jennifer Laing, and Betty Weiler

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Review of 'Natural area tourism: ecology, impacts, and management, 2nd edn, by D Newsome, S Moore & R Dowling, Channel View Publications, Bristol, 2013, Pascal Scherrer

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It's not about believing: exploring the transformative potential of cultural acknowledgement in an Indigenous tourism context, Pascal Scherrer and Kim Doohan

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Visitor expectations of contact with staff at a protected site, Johanna Schliephack, Brent D. Moyle, and Betty Weiler

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The critical turn in tourism studies: creating an academy of hope, David Scott

2013 Annals of Leisure Research 16:2 177-179.


Are cariocas getting ready for the Games? sport participation and the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games, Fabiana R. Sousa-Mast, Arianne Carvalhedo Reis, Luilma A. Gurgel, and Ana Flavia PLA Duarte

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Hospitality industry responses to climate change: a benchmark study of Taiwanese tourist hotels, Yi-Ping Su, C Michael Hall, and Lucie Ozanne

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Programme monitoring and evaluation in volunteer tourism: towards a critical approach, Jessica Taplin, Dianne Dredge, and Pascal Scherrer Dr

2013 Tourism and global change: on the edge of something big: CAUTHE 2013 Conference handbook and book of abstracts.


Employee stress and stressors in gambling and hospitality workplaces, Margaret Tiyce, Nerilee Hing, Grant Cairncross, and Helen Breen

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Has Australia's road to workplace partnership reached a dead end, Keith Townsend, Adrian Wilkinson, John Burgess, and Kerry A. Brown

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Business as usual? Barriers to education for sustainability in the tourism curriculum, Tania von der Heidt and Erica Wilson

2013 The tourism education futures initiative: activating change in tourism education.

Watching and swimming with marine mammals: international scope, management and best practice in cetacean ecotourism, Kaye Walker and E Hawkins

2013 International Handbook on Ecotourism 365-381.

From memorable to meaningful: tour guiding as a tool for sustainable tourism, Betty Weiler

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Building and sustaining support for national parks in the 21st century: why and how to save the national park experience from extinction, Betty Weiler, Susan A. Moore, and Brent D. Moyle

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Indigenous festivals and community development: a socio-cultural analysis of an Australian indigenous festival, Michelle Whitford and Lisa Ruhanen

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Organizational culture and willingness to share knowledge: a competing values perspective in Australian context, Anna Wiewiora, Bambang Trigunarsyah, Glen Murphy, and Vaughan Coffey

2013 International Journal of Project Management.


Business as usual? barriers to education for sustainability in the tourism curriculum, Erica Wilson and Tania von der Heidt

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Walking the talk: positive effects of work-related travel on tourism academics, Mieke Witsel

2013 Tourist experience and fulfilment: insights from positive psychology 127-146.


Facilitating responsible gambling: the relative effectiveness of education-based animation and monetary limit setting pop-up messages among electronic gaming machine players, Michael JA Wohl, Sally M. Gainsbury, Melissa J. Stewart, and Travis Sztainert

2013 Journal of Gambling Studies 29:4 703-717.

Protected areas and sustainable tourism planning: the case of Eurobodalla shire, Australia, Meredith Wray

2013 CAUTHE 2013: Tourism and Global Change: On the Edge of Something Big 945-959.

Wellness tourism: the factors and processes that drive sustainable regional destinations, Meredith Wray and Betty Weiler

2013 Wellness tourism: a destination perspective 78-98.


'Following the money': the political economy of gambling research, Martin Young

2013 Addiction Research and Theory 21:1 17-18.


Statistics, scapegoats and social control: a critique of problem gambling prevalence research, Martin Young

2013 Addiction Research and Theory 21:1 1-11.


Gambling spaces and the racial dialectics of social inclusion: a case study of a remote Australian casino, Martin Young, Bruce Doran, and Francis Markham

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Disordered gambling: focusing on more than just ‘problem gamblers’, Martin Young and Francis Markham

2013 The Conversation: academic rigour, journalistic flair.

Gambling spaces and the paradox of Aboriginal social inclusion, Martin Young, Francis Markham, and Bruce Doran

2013 In black &​ white : Australians all at the crossroads 275-286.


Rethinking traditional Chinese culture: a consumer-based model regarding the authenticity of Chinese calligraphic landscape, Qilou Zhou, Jie Zhang, and Johan Richard Edelheim

2013 Tourism Management 36 99-112.

Papers from 2012


Developing tools to support complex infrastructure decision-making, Douglas Baker and Muhammad Nateque Mahmood

2012 Smart and Sustainable Built Environment 1:1 59-72.