Papers from 2011

Mining tourism in Ouro Preto, Brazil: opportunities and challenges, Gui Lohmann, Angela Cabral Flecha, Marcos Eduardo Carvalho Goncalves Knupp, and Antonio Liccardo

2011 Mining heritage and tourism: a global synthesis 194-202.

The airline business model spectrum, Gui Lohmann and Tay TTR Koo

2011 The 15th Air Transport Research Society world conference.

Sustainable tourism transportation in Hawaii: a holistic approach, Gui Lohmann and David Ngoc Nguyen

2011 Island tourism: sustainable perspectives 197-214.

The influence of international tourists' travel patterns on rental car fleet management in New Zealand, Gui Lohmann and Anne Zahra

2011 Drive tourism: trends and emerging markets 159-171.


A synthesis and gap analysis of public conservation area visitor research in New Zealand 1995-2010, Brent Lovelock, Andrea Farminer, and Arianne Carvalhedo Reis

2011 NZ Department of Conservation.


A bibliography of public conservation area visitor research in Australia 1995-2010, Brent Lovelock, Arianne Carvalhedo Reis, and Andrea Farminer

2011 NZ Department of Conservation.


A synthesis and gap analysis of public conservation area visitor research in Australia 1995-2010, Brent Lovelock, Arianne Carvalhedo Reis, and Andrea Farminer

2011 NZ Department of Conservation.


Social outcomes in the construction industry: the case of the Western Australian ‘Percent for Art’ policy, Angela McCabe, Rachel Parker, and Kerry Brown

2011 Construction Management & Economics 29:9 929-941.

Gambling policy and research in Australia, Jan McMillen

2011 Gambling policy and research in Australia.

Policy analysis, Jan McMillen

2011 International Think Tank.

African as tourist, Muchazondida Mkono

2011 Tourism Analysis 16:6 709-713.


The othering of food in touristic eatertainment: a netnography, Muchazondida Mkono

2011 Tourist Studies 11:3 253-270.


Fernando de Noronha archipelago: community perspectives on tourism, Jasmine Cardozo Moreira, Arianne Carvalhedo Reis, and Jose Martins Da Silva Junior

2011 7th International Small Island Cultures Conference.

Contribution on tourism and green economy in South America to the UNEP Towards a Green Economy: pathways to sustainable development and poverty eradication report, A KC Moura and Gui Lohmann

2011 United Nations Environment Programme.

Host-guest interaction on Bruny Island, Australia, Brent D. Moyle

2011 Community and Tourism Stakeholder Groups on Bruny Island, Tasmania, Australia.

Host-guest interaction on Magnetic Island, Australia, Brent D. Moyle

2011 Community and Tourism Stakeholder Groups, Magnetic Island.

Top 10 tips for surviving your PhD, Brent D. Moyle

2011 School of Tourism and Hospitality Management PhD Workshop.

Sustainable host-guest interactions on islands: Bruny and Magnetic Islands, Brent D. Moyle, W Glen Croy, and Betty Weiler

2011 Island tourism: sustainable perspectives.

The student-supervisor relationship, Brent D. Moyle and Betty Weiler

2011 School of Tourism and Hospitality Management PhD Workshop.


A selected annotated bibliography of research on the benefits of parks, Brent D. Moyle, Betty Weiler, and Johanna Schliephack

2011 Parks Victoria, the Department of Environment and Conservation, the Office of Environment and Heritage and the Parks Forum.

Help seeking behaviour for gambling problems amongst CALD populations, Elaine Nuske, Nerilee Hing, Sally M. Gainsbury, and John Haw

2011 Queensland Gambling Help Forum.


Into geothermal solutions: the sustainability case for Challenge Stadium in Perth, Edward Oldmeadow and Dora Marinova

2011 Environmental Progress and Sustainable Energy 30:3 476-485.


Opportunities and challenges in rebuilding tornado-impacted Greensburg, Kansas as "stronger, better, and greener", Bimal Kanti Paul and Deborah Che

2011 GeoJournal 36:1 93-108.

Using appreciative inquiry as a tool for revitalizin community organisations: a case study of WISALTS Inc, Sally Paulin and Subas P. Dhakal

2011 The international Journal of Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability 7:4 299-309.


Masculinities, gender relations and leisure studies: are we there yet?, Richard Pringle, Tess Kay, and John Jenkins

2011 Annals of Leisure Research 14:2-3 107-119.


Bringing my creative self to the fore: accounts of a reflexive research endevour, Arianne Carvalhedo Reis

2011 Creative Approaches to Research 4:1 2-18.

Is the booming sustainability of the olympic and paralympic games here to stay? from an environment-based procedure to a dubious overall legacy, Arianne Carvalhedo Reis and L P. DaCosta

2011 Sustainability and Sport.


The nature of tourism studies, Arianne Carvalhedo Reis and Eric Shelton

2011 Tourism Analysis 16 375-384.

Wild law and science (fiction), Nicole Rogers

2011 Wild Law 2011: Earth Jurisprudence: Building Theory and Practice, Australia's 3rd Wild Law Conference.


Identification of confusable odours including wines: appropriate labels enhance performance, Alex MT Russell and Robert A. Boakes

2011 Food Quality and Preference 22:3 296-303.

Perception and use of public exercise stations in the Yokine Reserve within the City of Stirling: a pilot study: final report, October 2011, Maria Ryan, Pascal Scherrer, and Ruth Sibson

2011 Edith Cowan University.

Monitoring alpine vegetation change, Pascal Scherrer


Bridging the gap between cultural practices and mainstream visitor management approaches to develop an integrated monitoring framework for Australia’s northwest: final report to Wunambal Gaambera Aboriginal Corporation and Kimberley Land Council, Pascal Scherrer and Kim Doohan

2011 Edith Cowan University.

Capturing intangible cultural impacts from tourism on Aboriginal land in Australia’s Kimberley, Pascal Scherrer and Kim Doohan

2011 Tourism Recreation Research 36:3 271-280.


Visitor management practices and operational sustainability: expedition cruising in the Kimberley, Australia, Pascal Scherrer, Amanda J. Smith, and Ross Kingston Dowling

2011 Tourism Management 32:5 1218-1222.


Environmental and cultural implications of visitor access in the Kimberley region, Australia, Pascal Scherrer, Amanda J. Smith, Martin Randall, and Ross Kingston Dowling

2011 Australian Geographer 42:3 257-271.


Weaving virtual service networks into regional cities: “nurture the body here, and offer the mind anywhere” – anecdotes from the Coffs Harbour community forums to minimise carbon usage and maximise regional innovation, Kurt Walter Seemann

2011 The 19th International Congress on Modelling and Simulation 3080-3084.


Voices of women: a memory-work reflection on work-life dis/harmony in tourism academia, Jennie Small, Candice Harris, Erica Wilson, and Irena Ateljevic

2011 Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sports and Tourism Education 10:1 23-36.

The rhetoric versus the reality: a critical examination of the zoo proposition, Liam DG Smith, Betty Weiler, and Sam H. Ham

2011 Zoos and tourism: conservation, education, entertainment? 59-68.


Further from home? homelessness and gambling: exclusion, identity and place, Margaret Tiyce and Louise Holdsworth

2011 Local lives/gobal networks: the annual Conference of the Australian Sociological Association 2011.

The third place: gambling, inclusion and place, Margaret Tiyce and Louise Holdsworth

2011 National Association for Gambling Studies (NAGS) Conference.

Wandering Australia: independent travellers and slow journeys through time and space, Margaret Tiyce and Erica Wilson

2011 Slow mobilities: experiencing slow travel and tourism.


Modelling sustainability, Vladislav Todorov and Dora Marinova

2011 Mathematics and Computers in Simulation 81:7 1397-1408.

Adventure tour leaders: a brilliant blend of identities?, Monica Torland

2011 CAUTHE 2011 National Conference: tourism: creating a brilliant blend 749-765.


Emotional labour and job satisfaction of adventure tour leaders: does gender matter?, Monica Torland

2011 Annals of Leisure Research 14:4 369-389.


Working time alterations within the Australian construction industry, Keith Townsend, Helen Lingard, Lisa Bradley, and Kerry Brown

2011 Personnel Review 40:1 70-86.


The teaching of food technology in secondary schools, Angela Turner and Kurt Seeman

2011 Food Australia 63:11 34-42.

Controversial ecotourism and stakeholder roles in governance: "swim with humpback whales" in Vava'u, Kaye Walker and Gianna Moscardo

2011 Tourism destination governance: practice, theory and issues 103-116.


The impacts of profound wildlife experiences, Betty Weiler, Sam H. Ham, and Liam DG Smith

2011 Anthrozoos 24:1 51-64.

Tour guides as agents of sustainability: rhetoric, reality and implications for research, Betty Weiler and Aise Kyoungjin Kim

2011 Tourism Recreation Research 36:2 113-125.


Destination brand identity, values, and community: a case study from rural Victoria, Australia, Fiona Wheeler, Warwick Frost, and Betty Weiler

2011 Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing 28:1 13-26.

The need for paradigm shifts in tourism knowledge transfer and adoption, Michelle M. Whitford and Lisa M. Ruhanen

2011 Advancing the Social Science of Tourism.


Adopting and implementing a transactive approach to sustainable tourism planning: translating theory into practice, Meredith Wray

2011 Journal of Sustainable Tourism 19:4-5 605-627.

Towards a critical geography of gambling spaces: the Australian experience, Martin Young

2011 Human Geography 4:3 33-47.

'Pushing buttons': an evaluation of the effect of Aboriginal income managment on commercial gambling expenditure, Martin Young and David Lamb

2011 Australian Journal of Social Issues 46:2 119-140.


Gambling, resource distribution, and racial economy: an examination of poker machine expenditure in three remote Australian towns, Martin Young, David Lamb, and Bruce Doran

2011 Geographical Research 49:1 59-71.

Papers from 2010


Local tourism governance: a comparison of three network approaches, Narelle Beaumont and Dianne Dredge

2010 Journal of Sustainable Tourism 18:1 7-28.


Innovative teaching and learning across multiple campuses: the case of hospitality services management, Andrea Boyle, Maree Walo, and Paul Weeks

2010 Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Education 22:1 24-30.

Fierce beauty: paradoxes of experiencing rainforest, Richard Braithwaite

2010 Remnants of Gondwana: a natural and social history of the Gondwana rainforests of Australia 223-234.

The value of Gondwana rainforests of Australia, Richard W. Braithwaite, R Kitching, and J Cavanaugh

2010 Remnants of Gondwana: a natural and social history of the Gondwana rainforests of Australia 313-321.


Contests on the River Kwai: how a wartime tragedy became a recreational, commercial and nationalistic plaything, R W. Braithwaite and Neil Leiper

2010 Current Issues in Tourism 13:4 311-332.

Indigenous gambling: consequences, crime and possible interventions, Helen Breen

2010 23rd Annual Conference of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology, 'Cross-border and Transnational Crime: Risks and Responses'.

Indigenous gambling in Australia: an overview of recent research, Helen Breen

2010 Joint Research Seminar: Griffith University, University of Queensland, Southern Cross University, Bond University.

Innovative analysis of Indigenous card gambler profiles in north Queensland, Helen Breen

2010 20th Annual National Association for Gambling Studies Conference (NAGS).


Risk and protective factors associated with gambling products and services: Indigenous gamblers in North Queensland, Helen Breen

2010 International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction.

Risk and protective factors associated with the influence of gambling products and services on Indigenous Australian gamblers in north Queensland, Helen Breen

2010 International Gambling Conference. Gambling in the 21st Century - the implications of technology for policy, practice and research.

Exploring Indigenous gambling: understanding Indigenous gambling behaviour, consequences, risk factors, and potential interventions: final report, Helen Breen, Nerilee Hing, and Ashley Gordon

2010 Gambling Research Australia.

Indigenous Australian gambling: consequences, crime and possible interventions, Helen Breen, Nerilee Hing, and Ashley Gordon

2010 23rd Annual ANZSOC Conference. Cross-border domestic and transnational crime: risks and responses.


Indigenous gambling motivations, behaviour and consequences in Northern New South Wales, Australia, Helen Breen, Nerilee Hing, and Ashley Gordon

2010 International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction.

Education partnerships: professional development education for tourism and hospitality employees, Helen M. Breen


Gambling and the Aboriginal experience: has it helped or hurt? experiences from northern parts of Australia, Helen M. Breen

2010 Discovery 2010 Conference.

Working time arrangements and recreation: making time for weekends when working long hours, Kerry A. Brown, Lisa M. Bradley, Helen C. Lingard, Keith J. Townsend, and Sharine Ling

2010 Australian Bulletin of Labour 36:2 194-213.

Lessons from concepts and cases in the field of industry clusters, Kerry A. Brown, John Burgess, Marion Festing, and Susanne Royer

2010 Value adding webs and clusters: concepts and cases 172-183.

Single firms public policy and industry clusters: some reflections on the field, Kerry A. Brown, John Burgess, Marion Festing, Susanne Royer, and Robyn L. Keast

2010 Value adding webs and clusters: concepts and cases 5-9.

Visitor awareness and use of interpretive signage: the case of Mount Warning National Park, Kylie Causley, Erica Wilson, and Kay Dimmock

2010 International Rainforest Tourism Symposium, Rainforest tourism in a time of change.

Maintaining rural culture and historic rural resource extraction through a planning and heritage tourism development: a Pennsylvania case study, Deborah Che

2010 Geographical perspectives on sustainable rural change 384-402.


Publishing tourism geography research, Deborah Che

2010 Tourism Geographies 12:2 324-328.

Value-added agricultural products and entertainment in Michigan's fruit belt, Deborah Che

2010 The next rural economies: constructing rural place in global economies 102-114.


Managing prairie dogs for prairie heritage biodiversity and wildlife tourism, Deborah Che and Ted Cable

2010 Journal of Heritage Tourism 5:4 285-296.


The nature of nature: how New Zealand women in middle to later life experience nature-based leisure, Margaret Cosgriff, Donna E. Little, and Erica Wilson

2010 Leisure Sciences 32:1 15-32.


A model to identify airport hubs and their importance to tourism in Brazil, Tiago FG Costa, Gui Lohmann, and Alessandro VM Oliveira

2010 Research in Transportation Economics 26:1 3-11.


From domestic violence to sustainable employment, Mary Crawford, Kerry A. Brown, Karyn Walsh, and Donna Pullar

2010 Forum of Public Policy 2 1-12.


Identifying visitor service quality in Australian regional botanic gardens, Gary Crilley, Joshua Hills, Grant Cairncross, and Emily Moskwa

2010 Annals of Leisure Research:13 3-476.


Identifying beliefs underlying visitor behaviour: a comparative elicitation study based on the theory of planned behaviour, Jim Curtis, Betty Weiler, and Sam H. Ham

2010 Annals of Leisure Research 13:4 564-589.

'Watch out for these killers!': newspaper coverage of the Sydney funnel web spider and its impact on antivenom research, N Cushing and Kevin Markwell

2010 Health History 12:2 79-96.

Characteristics, contributions and challenges of environmental community organisations in Perth, Western Australia: implications for the third sector's role and influence in addressing local environmental issues, Subas P. Dhakal

2010 10th Biennial Australia New Zealand Third Sector Research Conference.

Strengthening environmental stewardship in Perth, Western Australia: an investigation of linkages between organisational social capital and information and communication technologies in environmental community organisations, Subas P. Dhakal

2010 Murdoch University.


The digital divide and gender: a survey of environmental community organizations in Perth, Subas P. Dhakal

2010 Journal of Community Informatics vol. 5, no. 3 & vol. 6, no. 1: Special Double issue: Gender in Community.


CCN: Towards a model of comfort, constraints and negotiation in recreational SCUBA diving, Kay Dimmock

2010 Tourism in Marine Environments 6:4 145-160.

What should I do now? how SCUBA divers negotiate constraints underwater, Kay Dimmock and Erica Wilson

2010 9th ANZALS (Australian and New Zealand Association for Leisure Studies) Biennial Conference, Exploring new ideas and new directions.


‘Mobile mindsets’: EGM venue usage, gambling participation, and problem gambling among three itinerant groups on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, Bruce Doran and Martin Young

2010 International Gambling Studies 10:3 269-288.


Predicting the spatial distribution of gambling vulnerability: an application of gravity modeling using ABS Mesh Blocks, Bruce Doran and Martin Young

2010 Applied Geography 30:1 141-152.

Expedition cruising along Australia's remote Kimberley coast, Ross Kingston Dowling, Pascal Scherrer, and Amanda J. Smith

2010 Second International Cruise Conference: The cruise industry: emerging issues, problems and solutions.

Event governance: the rhetoric and reality of the World Rally Championship, Northern Rivers, NSW, Diane Dredge, Matthew James Lamont, Emma-Jane Ford, Phi Giang, Michelle Whitford, and Peter Wynn-Moylan

2010 CAUTHE 2010: Challenge the limits.


Place change and tourism development conflict: evaluating public interest, Dianne Dredge

2010 Cutting edge research in tourism: new directions, challenges and applications: Surrey School of Management Conference 31:1 104-112.


Policy for sustainable and responsible festivals and events: institutionalisation of a new paradigm - a response, Dianne Dredge and Michelle Whitford

2010 Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events 2:1 1-13.

Challenging undergraduate hospitality students: the use of debates as interactive teaching and assessment tools, Johan Richard Edelheim

2010 Tourism and hospitality: challenge the limits: proceedings of the 20th Annual Conference Council for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education (CAUTHE).

Lighthouses as attractors: following Moominpappa, Johan Richard Edelheim

2010 Arts, islands and islomania: 6th International Conference on Small Island Cultures.


Self-exclusion: a comprehesive review of the evidence, Sally Gainsbury

2010 Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre.

Gambling and problem gambling amongst employees of Jupiters Hotel and Casino: final report, Sally Gainsbury and Nerilee Hing

2010 TabCorp.